Our Lifts

Bespoke. Invisible Access

Our innovation is driven by architects, clients and people with disabilities who are looking for high quality, innovative and invisible solutions. Architects often ask, “Can you do …?” Many buildings can have unmovable constraints such as historic pillars, I-beams, historic walls etc. that are landmarked. As each Sesame lift is bespoke for the building, we can design around these challenges, so they don’t constrain the ability to enable wheelchair access through the front door.

What sets Sesame apart is its unique ability to provide high quality and bespoke solutions to meet client’s unique needs.

Sesame’s Innovation Team comprises Charlie Lyons, Steven Lyons, our Head Engineer and our Head Designer. When a new challenge is presented, the Innovation Team meets to brainstorm ideas and develop solutions with their unique skill sets. Potential solutions are designed, tested and reviewed before successful developments are incorporated into a Sesame lift.

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