Institution of Civil Engineers

The Building

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is based at One Great George Street (OGGS) London, a Grade II Listed Edwardian Building a short walk from the Houses of Parliament. It’s a popular venue for weddings and conferences, partly due to its good disabled access and facilities. OGGS was the unofficial press centre for the 2012 Paralympics.

ICE is one of the world’s leading civil engineering institutions and has been around for almost 200 years. OGGS is the ICE’s global Head Quarters.

Sesame has installed two lifts in the ICE’s main entrance.


Sesame Access

Project Managers

Arcadis Design Consultancy

Main Contractor

Vinci Facilities

The Process

Sesame installed two lifts at OGGS in 2005. Sesame’s engineering and innovation has improved significantly since 2005, so when OGGS undertook a refurbishment in 2016, they installed two new Sesame lifts in the same locations. This work was completed in October 2016.

“Wow!” Moment For Sesame

As Nina and Bob were taking their wedding vows inside OGGS, we wanted everything to go perfectly. Therefore Sesame was waiting in the background, to make sure there weren’t any last minute glitches with the lifts (you can see us in the back of the picture in black sweatshirts!). It brought a tear to our eye to see Nina and her guests using our Sesame lift to get to their wedding.