Elevator With No
Loss Of Space

Save Time, Space And Money.

Installing a traditional elevator has a substantial negative impact on the aesthetics and use of the building.

On the facade, valuable store frontage is lost for elevator access. Inside the building, valuable retail and space on the level below is lost for the elevator and mechanical areas. Additionally, landmarked buildings, architects and planners together with extensive and expensive work may be required for approval.

With Sesame Access’s bespoke Invisible Lifts there is no loss of retail frontage, or space inside the store. There is no change in the exterior or interior of the building.

Traditional Elevator Invisible Lift
Exterior aesthetics Loss of frontage, change in aesthetics No loss or change
Interior space Loss of about 60 -130 sq ft No loss of space
Estimated 10 year cost $800,000 $150,000
ADA Compliant Yes Yes
Installation Time Years Under a year
Construction disturbance to Interior Can be extensive None
Landmark building compliant Yes, but can be cumbersome and expensive Yes, no change in exterior required
Warranty Varies 5 years