Access For All

Obsession With Innovation And Design

The conception of Sesame Access is attributed to a story years ago when Charlie Lyons was out with a group of friends, one of whom, was in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, they could not enter most restaurants because they were located in old buildings that were not wheelchair accessible. That night, Charlie decided he needed to make a difference.

With his training as a hydraulic engineer in the Navy and owner of an engineering firm for 30 years, Charlie believed there had to be a better solution to enable access for people with disabilities. With his passion for invention, he set about coming up with a solution. He thought “What if the stairs moved out the way?”. Charlie started drawing possible ideas.

Charlie built a prototype and the first Sesame lift was installed in 1996 at Merchant Taylor’s Hall on Threadneedle Street in London. This lift is our oldest lift, which still runs perfectly and is used for events about three times a week to provide access for people with disabilities.

After Sesame’s third lift, Steven Lyons, Charlie’s son joined the company. Today, Sesame’s lifts are installed in prestigious locations around the world from palaces and banks to private homes.

Sesame is proud of the many prestigious awards we have received, including London Innovation of the Year and accepting the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation at Buckingham Palace.

Sesame has continued to grow and develop locally and internationally while maintaining the values of a small family-owned business.

High Quality British Engineering

Sesame is passionate about British manufacturing and engineering. All our bespoke lifts are specifically designed for each building and are hand made by our talented engineers and craftsmen at our workshop in Surrey.

Our world leading invisible lifts comply with British and international standards, enabling Sesame Access lifts to be installed worldwide, from our native United Kingdom to France, Doha, Sydney and the United States.

As a testament to our extremely high standards, Sesame’s bespoke lifts comply with the strict international standards of the German Technischer Überwachungsverein (TUV). Our lifts are marked CE (Conformité Européenne) for meeting all the requirements of the applicable European Conformity directives.

Sesame lifts fully comply with British Standards BS6440:2011.

Sesame lifts also comply with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) including relevant harmonized standards eg EN81-41.

For the US. market, our lifts are fully ADA compliant.

Our extraordinary team has an obsession for innovation and design, placing us at the forefront of what’s possible for accessible solutions. Our dream is that one day every person will have the opportunity to access any building without barriers as we endeavor to give “the freedom to go anywhere”.